Arun Solanky is a rising senior at Interlake High School, and has been a part of Model UN since he was a freshman. Besides being the Director-General for PACMUN 2017, he has attended ten MUN conventions as a delegate and staffed five more in his long Model UN career, serving on the Secretariats of every student run convention in Washington state. He currently is also an officer for the Interlake Model UN club. Outside of Model UN, Arun is a huge fan of Game of Thrones, the sometime editor of a sadly defunct political blog, a member of Interlake Knowledge Bowl team, and an inveterate world traveler. Since reconstituting EDUMUN last year, Arun has had the enormous honor of seeing the conference grow and mature, and cannot wait to see what the future holds for EDUMUN.




Megan Munson is a rising senior at Inglemoor High School, in her third year of Model UN. She is extremely passionate about MUN and can’t wait for EDUMUN 2017!! Besides international relations, Megan is an avid climber and writes for the Nordic News (her school’s nationally ranking newspaper). Serving on EDUMUN’s secretariat has been an absolute pleasure, and she is absolutely hyped for the conference!




Julia Wang is a rising junior at Interlake High School who has been an avid participant of MUN since freshman year. She has staffed two conferences and attended three as a delegate, and is one of the only non-rising seniors on the secretariat. Outside of MUN, Julia is a member of VEX robotics team 1410L, and spends most of her time prototyping, drawing diagrams, and attending regional competitions for her robot. She may also be found training as a two-year taekwondo black belt, studying figure drawing, or teaching herself Photoshop. She is honored to be serving as the 2017 EDUMUN Chief of Staff, and believes that this shall be a year like no other.



Undersecretary-General OF CONFERENCE

 Alex Haworth is a rising senior at Inglemoor High school, and has been involved in MUN for 3 years. She is currently serving as a USG of Committees for KINGMUN 2017, and as the treasurer of her school’s MUN club. She is incredibly passionate about MUN and the exciting and relevant opportunities that it affords delegates, and is excited to make EDUMUN 2017 the best experience possible for delegates! Outside of MUN, Alex enjoys volunteering as an excuse to pet cats, and writing for her school’s newspaper. Being a member of EDUMUN secretariat is an honor and a pleasure, and she is looking forward to the conference!




Undersecretary-General OF MARKETING

Grace is a rising senior at Interlake High School. Having joined MUN in her sophomore year, Grace simply adores MUN due to the experiences and opportunities that it provides delegates to meet and work with new people. Beyond MUN, Grace can be found playing piano, and is a member of Interlake’s Science National Honors Society and Future Problem Solvers, having competed in multiple state competitions for the latter. Grace is honored to serve as one of your the Under-Secretary Generals of Marketing, and looks forward to seeing you all at EDUMUN 2017!



Undersecretary-General of Seminars

Isabella Hedly is a current rising senior at Inglemoor High School in the International Baccalaureate program. She first got introduced into MUN in 2014 when she attended her first conference at Juanita High School and since then she has attended and staffed a multitude of conferences and has fallen in love with MUN. When she is not debating everything, she can be found playing with her two dogs, baking treats to share with everyone, running cross country, learning as many languages as possible, or traveling across Europe. She looks forward to meeting all of the staff members and delegates at EDUMUN 2017 and she looks forward to making this the best year of the conference.



Undersecretary-General OF SEMINARS

Aramya Trivedi is currently a rising senior at Interlake High School. He has been in MUN since his sophomore year and has attended six conferences. Other than MUN, Aramya also does DECA and Knowledge Bowl. He also works for organizations like TEDxRedmond and RICA. For fun, Aramya likes to watch movies, listen to music, and write. He is very excited to work to make EDUMUN continue to grow and to work with all the passionate delegates of the area.



Undersecretary-General OF SEMINARS

Manoj Simha is a rising senior at Interlake High School. Since joining the Model UN his sophomore year, he has competed and staffed all around the Northwest Circuit and MUN has become a huge part of his life. Manoj is an officer of the Interlake Model United Nations chapter, as well as staffer for EDUMUN in 2016. He’s excited to have the opportunity to share his love for MUN with a new generation of delegates, while cementing the skills that make the activity great with veterans alike. Outside of MUN, Manoj enjoys watching classic cinema, creative writing and learning guitar. He is the president of the Knowledge Bowl Team, a class officer and participates in DECA. Given how much fun and learning he saw in EDUMUN 2016, Manoj is thrilled to see how far EDUMUN can go this year.


Christine LEe

Undersecretary-General of Delegate affairs

Christine Lee is a junior at Tesla STEM High School. She has staffed all of the conferences in Washington, and has attended more conferences than she can count. While Christine is busy working for conferences, she also leads her school's club as the Director-General. When she is not sucked into the black hole of MUN, she loves to lead her HOSA chapter as the Vice President and garden. Most importantly, Christine loves to watch korean dramas and fangirl over all things kpop. She's so excited to see what EDUMUN will bring this year!