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High School Seminars

Middle School Seminars


Dear Delegates, Advisors, and Parents,

EDUMUN is excited to offer three different kinds of programs for delegates this year; middle school seminars, high school seminars, and three unique committees. Through the seminars program, new delegates can learn about the ins and outs of MUN, from position papers to debate and resolutions, with fellow beginners in a friendly and educational environment. Our latest addition to EDUMUN 2019 has been the creation of separate high school and middle school seminars programs, allowing each group of students to learn about Model UN with fellow delegates of their own age and expertise level. But EDUMUN isn’t just for beginners; we also offer a one-day committees program featuring a general assembly, a regional body, and a crisis committee for our more experienced delegates. Between the various exciting educational experiences we offer, delegates of any age and experience level can find a place at EDUMUN 2019.

Charlotte Gunn

Chief of Staff

Rules of Procedure

Standard Rules of Procedure
Crisis Rules of Procedure

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High School Seminars

EDUMUN 2019 is excited to offer three classic seminars for our high school delegates to attend. These consist of Rules of Procedure 201, Research and Writing 202, and Resolutions 203. Rules of Procedure 201 will familiarize delegates with the structure of Model UN committees, as well as the flow of debate, preparing them for future conferences. Research and Writing 202 will teach delegates how to properly write a great position paper and guide them in the process of preparing research for a conference. Finally, Resolutions 203 teaches how to effectively write one of the most important documents in MUN, a resolution. The high school seminar staff members have worked hard to prepare high-quality seminars for the delegates and are excited to pass on their extensive knowledge to each and every one of them.

Olivia Boysen |

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ROP 201

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Research and Writing 202

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Resolutions 203

Middle School Seminars

The Middle School Seminars at EDUMUN 2019 consists of three seminars – Basics of MUN 101, ROP 102, and Research and Writing 103. Each of these seminars will be beneficial for new as well as returning delegates. Basics of MUN provides delegates with an introduction into what Model UN is, how diplomacy works, why it’s needed, and what types of problems it has solved in the past. Basics of MUN will also introduce delegates to the ideals of different countries and how international relations work. ROP 102 teaches Model UN’s Rules of Procedure, as well as the flow of debate, ensuring that delegates can confidently navigate future conferences. Lastly, Research and Writing 103 aids delegates in two of Model UN's most essential skills: researching properly and effectively and writing a great position paper. The Middle School Seminars team has worked hard in preparation for delegates and cannot wait to see them at EDUMUN 2019!

Rithikaa Prakash |

Logo of basics of mun 101

Basics of MUN 101

Logo of rop 102

ROP 102

Logo of research 103

Research and Writing 103


EDUMUN 2019 is proud to host three committees this year: a general body, a regional body, and a crisis committee, to represent the diversity of experiences one can have within the MUN circuit. These three committees were chosen to ensure that all delegates, whether they are beginners or advanced, will have an opportunity to refine their ability to foster constructive debate while creating practical and creative resolutions. UNODC, our principal body, emulates the way in which diplomacy plays out within the United Nations while providing a platform for delegates to debate and solve prominent global issues. CELAC, our regional body, gives delegates the opportunity to focus on cooperative dialogue and creating a united front in the face of foreign interference. Lastly, HCC, our crisis committee, provides experienced delegates seeking thrilling, fast-paced debate with an adventure into the past. If you have any questions regarding which committee may be best suited towards you, feel free to reach out to the USG of Committees or any members of the dais for these committees. The committees team has been working hard and cannot wait to meet all the delegates at EDUMUN 2019!

Freya Gulamali |

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Torture of Political Prisoners

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Chinese Involvement in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Persian Achaemenid Dynasty

Position Papers are due October 26, 2019 at 11:59 PM for committees only