HCC committee at EDUMUN

Historical Crisis Committee

Persian Achaemenid Dynasty


The Historical Crisis Committee (HCC) is a specialized crisis committee in which delegates travel back in time to a significant event in history and change its course. It is subject to fast-paced developments and high-level debate, this requires delegates to take more drastic measures and brainstorm more specific and unique solutions than they usually would in other committees. Thus, more experienced delegates are encouraged to participate. Delegates in HCC will also have to operate within different rules of procedure than standard committees by writing directives rather than resolutions. As the crisis develops, will delegates be able to handle the high stakes of assassination, betrayal, and sabotage that will arise?

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Position Paper Guidelines

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Background Guide

Provides the initial background
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Committee Staff

Portrait of Harshita Bondhi

Harshita Bondhi


Harshita Bondhi is a senior at Redmond High School. She is delighted to serve as director for EDUMUN 2019’s HCC and hopes that every delegate loves what the dais puts together. After four years of experiencing incredible MUN committees and dais members, she is excited to help put together a committee herself and continue the same level of quality. This is her fifth year of MUN and third year obsessing over how awesome specialized committees are compared to everything else. Outside of Model UN, Harshita loves speech and debate, her job working at a preschool, and spending hours researching random things in preparation for the inevitable nuclear apocalypse.

Portrait of Jathin Arjun

Jathin Arjun


Jathin Arjun is an exhausted junior at Interlake High School in the second year of the IB program. After being introduced to MUN in India in 7th grade, he latched on to the quick thinking and creative ideas that MUN was full of. Since coming to the US, he has attended more than 15 conferences as a delegate and staff member. Outside of school, Jathin is an active member of the school’s FBLA and LaunchX clubs, a secretariat member on Interlake’s MUN club, and a frequent volunteer of local community events. On top of that, he attends piano and vocal music classes and performs at concerts pretty frequently as well. But, in the little free time that he has, he loves to eat as much as humanly possible, an exercise in whatever way is practical (usually running or biking), read anything fantasy-related, and playing cards and watching movies with his family. Jathin is SUPER EXCITED to meet everyone as the Chair and wishes them the best of luck for EDUMUN 2019!

Portrait of Harshitha Rebala

Harshitha Rebala

Assistant Director

Harshitha is currently a sleep-deprived sophomore and first-year IB student who attends Interlake High School. Inspired to join MUN as a freshman for its impromptu speeches and passionate debates on international issues, she hasn’t regretted it since. Outside of MUN, she takes part in Interlake’s Robotics team, crams for FBLA, participates Bellevue Youth Council and sings Indian classical music. In the little free time she has, you can find her on long hikes, catching up on Netflix, and sleeping. Harshitha is excited to be serving as the Assistant Director in HCC and cannot wait to meet you!

Portrait of Praveen Weerasundara

Praveen Weerasundara

Assistant Director

Praveen Weerasundara is a struggling junior at International Community School and EDUMUN 2019 will be his first-time staffing. In his third year of MUN, Praveen likes the flexibility and variety MUN provides with its committees, allowing delegates to thrive in a welcoming, low-stress, and fun environment. When not procrastinating on literally all his responsibilities, he does Cross-Country at Lake Washington Highschool and mentors the younger grades in ICS’s STAMP program. In his spare time, he enjoys going on runs, drawing, messing around on Minecraft, making JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure references, and binging YouTube. Praveen looks forward to seeing delegates engage in fruitful debate in HCC this conference.

Additional resources and Rules of Procedure are available here.