UNODC committee at EDUMUN

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Torture of Political Prisoners


The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime was founded in 1997 with the purpose of providing a platform for debating and combating pressing global issues such as organized crime, drugtrafficking, crime prevention, drug abuse, terrorism, and criminal justice reform. It utilizes three major pillars to accomplish this goal: cooperation between nations, solutions-oriented research, and the implementation of treaties, rules, and laws that address these issues in the most efficient manner. Any delegate interested in discussing the complex, interconnected issues surrounding these highly delicate topics should consider the UNODC.

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Committee Staff

Portrait of Luke Jouflas

Luke Jouflas


Luke Jouflas is a junior at Bellarmine Preparatory School and EDUMUN will be his 13th MUN conference and fourth conference staffing. He feels honored to be serving as the director of the UNODC with his fellow dais. During his spare time, Luke enjoys skiing and climbing and just about anything related to the outdoors. When he’s not in the outdoors, Luke enjoys consuming dangerous amounts of coffee and attempting to convince the MUN committee that China has never done anything wrong. Overall, Luke enjoys MUN because he gets to meet new and interesting people and debate interesting topics all the while being absolutely exhausted. He is looking forward to seeing delegates jump into debate and hopes that they can all learn something from this iteration of EDUMUN.

Portrait of Ryan Tjoa

Ryan Tjoa


Ryan Tjoa is a senior at Lakeside School and is thrilled to serve as Chair of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) at EDUMUN 2019. He has attended numerous conferences as a delegate since starting Model UN as a freshman; this is his first time staffing. He is enthusiastic about MUN because of how it promotes public speaking/debate skills, collaboration, and engagement with international affairs. Outside of MUN, he enjoys video editing, programming, and losing sleep over English essays. He is excited to work with UNODC delegates to see what they come up with over the course of EDUMUN 2019!

Portrait of Mina Nair

Mina Nair

Assistant Director

Mina Nair is a sophomore at Bellarmine Prep. She joined Model UN at the beginning of her freshman year and quickly fell in love with it. This will be her fifth conference and second time staffing. She can’t wait to share her love and passion for MUN with her wonderful dais and committee. Outside of MUN, Mina is involved in Marine Chem, Robotics, Tennis, and is the Social Media Manager for a magazine. She can also be found goofing around with her friends in what’s left of her free time. You can catch her with some kind of colorful drink from Starbucks or RedBull trying to stay awake. She can’t wait to meet you all in November and have a rocking EDUMUN 2019 conference!

Additional resources and Rules of Procedure are available here.