Research and Writing 103 seminar at EDUMUN

Research and Writing for Middle School Students

Introduction | Research and Writing 103

The Research 103 seminar teaches some of the crucial and most vital aspects of succeeding in MUN. This seminar will go over how to create a cohesive position paper, how to form a useful research binder, and how to find research that is both reliable and helpful. It ensures that delegates are very well prepared for future MUN conferences. We are excited to meet all you future diplomats at EDUMUN 2019!


Further questions can be directed to the USG of Middle School Seminars.

Seminar Staff

Portrait of Sanjita Rishikesan

Sanjita Rishikesan


Sanjita Rishikesan is a junior at the International School of Bellevue. She staffed EDUMUN 2018 in the Research and Position Papers Seminar, and is looking forward to staffing EDUMUN 2019 as well! She has been to 8 conferences in her 2 years of MUN and is currently the Secretary-General of the MUN club at her school. Outside of MUN, Sanjita loves to paint, play the piano and, above all, watch Grey’s Anatomy.


One of the exciting aspects of the Seminars Program at EDUMUN 2019 is the Capstone Committee session. Prior to the conference, each delegate will be assigned the country they are representing during Capstone. Delegates are free to research the country and use the Capstone Background Guide provided to supplement their information, although they are not required to. Throughout each seminar, delegates will be learning how to participate in a Model UN committee. Through various activities and lectures, some pertaining directly to their country roles, delegates will learn how to succeed in committee. At the end of the day, delegates will take their new knowledge and put it into action during our specially designed two hour Capstone session. They will get the chance to work through most of the Model UN Rules Of Procedure (ROP), practice their debate and negotiation skills, and utilize their research and resolution skills in a comfortable learning environment. The goal for Capstone is that the delegates receive the opportunity to apply their learning and become accustomed to the flow and dynamics of committee.

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