Research and Writing 202 seminar at EDUMUN

Research and Writing for High School Students

Introduction | Research and Writing 202

Delegates, welcome to Research 202! This seminar is geared toward getting you well on your way to preparing for a successful conference and introduces you to what many think is one of the most daunting tasks in MUN: committee research and preparation. In Model United Nations, you, as a delegate, will represent a country, person, or entity, and it is your job to accurately convey and enforce the stance of your delegation during committee. In order to do so, extensive and accurate research and preparation must go into the topic(s) of debate beforehand. Much of this research culminates into a “position paper”, which is, in essence, a written document explaining the background, stance and possible resolutions of your delegation. In this seminar, not only will you receive information on how to write a position paper, but you will also receive a rundown on how to effectively research for a committee, set up a research binder, and general research tips so that you’re as prepared as can be. Be ready to take notes; there’s a lot to learn, and much to do, but we can’t wait to see you at EDUMUN 2019!


Further questions can be directed to the USG of High School Seminars.

Seminar Staff

Portrait of Eesha Kunisetty

Eesha Kunisetty

Co-Director | A

Eesha Kunisetty is a sophomore at Tesla STEM High School, and EDUMUN 2019 will be her fifth conference and her first staffing experience. Eesha couldn’t wait to take the next step in her MUN career by becoming a staff member after falling in love with the fast-paced debate and global awareness MUN brought to her life freshman year. She can be found rushing to study for FBLA, building her projects for Science Olympiad, getting hours for Key Club, and attempting to be a somewhat adequate tennis player, while also bugging her club members to edit her position papers. Sleep is an elusive concept in her life, but she somehow always manages to be too energetic during the day, that is until she leaves school and being a functioning human becomes too difficult of a task. Eesha knows how terrifying being a new delegate can be and hopes to relieve some of that stress by teaching you the ropes of MUN as your Research 202 Co-Director.

Portrait of Emily Zhao

Emily Zhao

Co-Director | A

As a junior at Tesla STEM High School, Emily Zhao can be found at home doing homework, playing softball, or trying to keep her life together. Nevertheless, she is ecstatic to serve as your Co-Director of the Research seminar for this coming EDUMUN! As someone introduced to MUN in middle school and was forever enraptured in its workings, Emily has attended numerous MUN conferences in the past and EDUMUN 2019 will be her fifth staffing experience. When she’s not attending MUN meetings or conferences, Emily can be found stressing over FBLA, HOSA, and TSA, along with playing for the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra and playing for her select softball team. Emily is looking forward to seeing you at EDUMUN 2019, so here’s to another amazing year of MUN!

Portrait of Rory Mcnenry

Rory Mcnenry

Co-Director | B

Crumpet muffin connoisseur, lover of Shakespearean sonnets, and a junior at the International Community school of Kirkland. These are all titles of Rory McNerney. After attending 8 conferences and staffing one of them, Rory is eager to continue his adventure in the MUNNW circuit as your Co-Director for Research 202 Seminar B. Whilst not writing his position paper on the night of the deadline, Rory can be found drafting emails as the secretary of the ICS MUN club, studying grammar for the SAT, or dissecting pigs in ICS Science National Honors Society. Rory’s optimal way to spend a weekend would be writing poetry for his school’s literary publication, or outside playing soccer. Excited to teach new delegates the ins and outs of MUN, Rory can’t wait to see how much new delegates will learn at EDUMUN 2019.

Portrait of Ruoning Li

Ruoning Li

Co-Director | B

Ruoning Li is a sophomore at Interlake High School. When she's not frantically researching and writing her position paper right before it's due, she's either drinking massive amounts of coffee, prepping for debate, studying for FBLA, or stressing about IB. Ruoning is excited to share her passion for MUN, current events and spread awareness about overlooked issues. EDUMUN 2019 will be Ruoning's 5th conference and 2nd staffing experience. Outside of school, Ruoning enjoys writing, reading, running with friends, binging on massive amounts of reality TV, and cramming for whatever test she has when she returns to school. EDUMUN 2018 was Ruoning's first experience with MUNNW and is looking forward to sharing both the joy and stress of MUN to new delegates as the Co-director of Research 202 Seminar B at EDUMUN 2019.


One of the exciting aspects of the Seminars Program at EDUMUN 2019 is the Capstone Committee session. Prior to the conference, each delegate will be assigned the country they are representing during Capstone. Delegates are free to research the country and use the Capstone Background Guide provided to supplement their information, although they are not required to. Throughout each seminar, delegates will be learning how to participate in a Model UN committee. Through various activities and lectures, some pertaining directly to their country roles, delegates will learn how to succeed in committee. At the end of the day, delegates will take their new knowledge and put it into action during our specially designed two hour Capstone session. They will get the chance to work through most of the Model UN Rules Of Procedure (ROP), practice their debate and negotiation skills, and utilize their research and resolution skills in a comfortable learning environment. The goal for Capstone is that the delegates receive the opportunity to apply their learning and become accustomed to the flow and dynamics of committee.

Download Capstone Background Guide →