Resolutions 203 seminar at EDUMUN

Resolution Writing for High School Students

Introduction | Resolutions 203

Resolution Writing 203 is focused around a committee’s final product. It will cover all the different aspects of a resolution, such as their functions and purposes, as well as the process of incorporating specific, comprehensive solutions that effectively address the committee’s topics. These skills address Model UN’s most essential portion, and are vital to being able to succeed at conferences.


Further questions can be directed to the USG of High School Seminars.

Seminar Staff

Portrait of Nathan Burke

Nathan Burke

Co-Director | A

Going into the third year of his reign as the democratically elected co-dictator of University Prep’s Model UN club, Nathan is a dedicated MUNer. In addition to Model UN, Nathan plays varsity ultimate frisbee, acts and crews theater productions, and participates in Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth programs. He hopes to pursue international relations through college and as a career, unless given an opportunity to be bitten by a radioactive spider. Nathan is excited to instruct the EDUMUN High School Resolutions 103A Seminar for the second year in a row and hopes to see you all there.

Portrait of Nandini Daga

Nandini Daga

Co-Director | A

Nandini is very excited to serve as Co-Director for Resolution Writing Seminar A! She is a tired junior who has staffed many conferences for MUN Northwest and been a delegate as well when she’s not busy being a second year IB candidate. Ever since joining MUN in her freshman year, she has loved it! Her first conference was EDUMUN. When not doing MUN she participates in Policy Debate, Operation Smile, and her school’s Symphonic Orchestra. She loves learning languages, baking, and binge-watching Netflix, as well as taking part in French competitions. Her other hobbies include being perpetually late and taking long naps.

Portrait of Sowmya Pratipati

Sowmya Pratipati

Co-Director | B

Sowmya Pratipati is a senior at Nikola Tesla-STEM High School and has spent many hours contemplating the meaning of life. This is Sowmya’s fourth year doing Model UN, and she is excited to finish this year well. In her free time, you can usually find Sowmya either watching TV, reading a book, and occasionally playing the piano. If she doesn’t have free time, it’s probably because she’s studying for an upcoming test. Sowmya hopes that delegates will be able to learn to love resolutions as much as she has in the Resolutions 103B Seminar!

Portrait of Rachel Daniel

Rachel Daniel

Co-Director | B

Rachel Daniel is a current sophomore at Bellarmine Prep and is hyped to serve as the Co-Director of Resolution B! She started actively participating in MUN as a freshman, and has never regretted it since, due to its alternating debates and fun memories created throughout the conference. Outside of MUN, Rachel is involved in Marine Chemistry, playing the piano, and running on trails with her energetic labradoodle, Zoey. She looks forward to meeting everyone and hopes to further encourage future delegates to pursue Model UN!


One of the exciting aspects of the Seminars Program at EDUMUN 2019 is the Capstone Committee session. Prior to the conference, each delegate will be assigned the country they are representing during Capstone. Delegates are free to research the country and use the Capstone Background Guide provided to supplement their information, although they are not required to. Throughout each seminar, delegates will be learning how to participate in a Model UN committee. Through various activities and lectures, some pertaining directly to their country roles, delegates will learn how to succeed in committee. At the end of the day, delegates will take their new knowledge and put it into action during our specially designed two hour Capstone session. They will get the chance to work through most of the Model UN Rules Of Procedure (ROP), practice their debate and negotiation skills, and utilize their research and resolution skills in a comfortable learning environment. The goal for Capstone is that the delegates receive the opportunity to apply their learning and become accustomed to the flow and dynamics of committee.

Download Capstone Background Guide →