Thank You

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Dear Delegates, Advisors, and Parents,
From its inception in 2016, EDUMUN has been a staple in the Washington Model United Nations community, serving to educate delegates old and new. Though it has had considerable growth from its founding year, it has still been able to maintain the same sense of community and comfortability that was present since the beginning.
Now in the 6th year of EDUMUN, we have decided to expand our focus to not only beginner middle school and high school delegates, but also to those with more experience, bringing back our advanced seminar program and middle school committee offerings. Our hope is that, no matter the level you are at, you will find something for your skill level and interest at EDUMUN this year. From the growth of the next MUN generation in our middle school seminars, to the invigorating debate in our Future Crisis committee, we truly have a little bit of everything the MUN community has to offer.
This past year has also been a year of learning for EDUMUN-- discovering what an online conference truly means, and how one can be immersed into the world of MUN from their bedroom. Now, as we embark on this journey back into in-person conferences, EDUMUN is thrilled to continue its reputation as the conference of learning. This time, however, it is not only about teaching students MUN, but also about the transition back to in-person learning.
As the year goes on, you will likely have questions, comments, or concerns about EDUMUN. I would be delighted to discuss EDUMUN with you, and feel free to reach out to me at sg@edumun.com. We cannot wait to see every delegate leave educated and excited about the world of Model UN, and hope to see you at EDUMUN 2021.
Best,Maya DallmanSecretary-GeneralEDUMUN 2021sg@edumun.com