2018 Secretariat at Closing Ceremonies


Educational Model United Nations (EDUMUN) is a MUN conference primarily designed to teach new delegates and improve the skills of returning delegates. EDUMUN is comprised of seminars and mock committees which keep the delegates engaged.

Starting in 2016, EDUMUN has grown from a conference of 100 delegates to nearly 300 for the 2019 year. With its position at the start of the MUN year, EDUMUN hopes to prepare each and every delegate for future conferences they attend!


Portrait of Simran Tandon

Simran Tandon


Simran is a caffeine-addicted, energetic, vertically challenged senior at Eastlake High School who has the honor of working on EDUMUN 2019. She went to her first conference in 8th grade, an experience that she cited as nothing short of life-changing. Since then, Simran has staffed and attended over a dozen conferences. Her journey with EDUMUN began just last year when she staffed a seminar-but the experience of working with new delegates and seeing the passion for Model UN ignite in their hearts was nothing short of inspirational. Following that spark, Simran hopes to make EDUMUN 2019 a conference where delegates can learn not only the ins and outs of Model UN but also essential skills they can apply to a plethora of aspects of their lives. She can’t wait to meet all of you and put on a truly incredible conference with her amazing secretariat team.

Portrait of Tristan Stevens

Tristan Stevens


Tristan Stevens will be a senior at Tesla STEM High School by the time EDUMUN 2019 rolls around. This is his fifth year of doing Model United Nations after getting involved at SkyMUN in the eighth grade. He fell in love with MUN and went on to participate in over six conferences during his freshman year and another four sophomore year. During his junior year, he got involved on the EDUMUN 2018 secretariat as the USG of Technology, and wants to go out with a bang this year. Outside of Model UN, he can be found taking photographs, coding or doing robotics. After three years of slaving away behind lines of code, Tristan is happy to say that he will be your Director-General for EDUMUN 2019 and is looking forward to seeing you all at this amazing conference!

Portrait of Charlotte Gunn

Charlotte Gunn

Chief of Staff

Charlotte Gunn is a junior at Bellarmine Preparatory School, and an active member of her school’s Model UN Program, as well as being on the core leadership team for the second year in a row. EDUMUN 2019 will be Charlotte’s 19th MUN conference! Aside from Model UN, Charlotte enjoys traveling, volunteering, spending her summers at YMCA Camp Orkila, and complaining about the Washington State Ferry System that she uses every day to get to school from the mossy rock of Vashon Island that she inhabits! Charlotte is very excited for EDUMUN 2019 and cannot wait to see the wonderful progress made by delegates!

Portrait of Freya Gulamali

Freya Gulamali

USG of Committees

Freya Gulamali is an NBC shows devotee and a rising junior at Interlake High School. She first became enamored with MUN after the chaos of the PACMUN 2018 midnight crisis when Hungary sacrificed itself to become the first all-quarantined country. Freya continues to love MUN for the inspiring diplomacy of delegates who passionately work towards a common goal of forming creative, practical, and effective resolutions. Seeing that her MUN career first began at EDUMUN 2017 and after staffing various conferences such as WorldMUN, PACMUN, and SeattleMUN since then, Freya can’t wait to join the EDUMUN team. When not procrastinating next month’s deliverables, Freya enjoys playing the cello, bingeing Bollywood, and crafting masterpieces of abstract art. In her free time, you can find her developing her taste as a comedy connoisseur, watching the Daily Show at night, the Late Show early in the morning, and planning to watch Last Week Tonight sometime next week. Freya is thrilled to serve as USG of Committees and meet all delegates at EDUMUN 2019!

Portrait of Rithikaa Prakash

Rithikaa Prakash

USG of Middle School Seminars

Rithikaa Prakash is a Junior at the International Community School in Kirkland Washington and is super excited to be serving as your USG of Middle School Seminars! She hopes to create a strong foundation for middle schoolers to build on as they continue MUN and hopes to provide them with beneficial experiences that they can employ when stepping into the high school MUN community. She fell in love with everything MUN had to offer during PACMUN 2017, her first conference. She has staffed a number of conferences including KINGMUN 2019 and SeattleMUN 2019. Outside of MUN, she mentors five amazing eighth graders, is a teacher and grader at Kumon, and practices dance. She is super excited for EDUMUN 2019 and wishes the best of luck for all delegates attending.

Portrait of Olivia Boysen

Olivia Boysen

USG of High School Seminars

Olivia is extremely excited to be an Under-Secretary-General of High School Seminars for EDUMUN 2019! She is currently a junior at Interlake High School, where she’s perpetually drowning in IB work and procrastinating on her Extended Essay. EDUMUN 2017 was her first experience in Model UN. She returned last year to give honest reviews of specialized committees and to watch as her delegates gave emus citizenship and elected them to public office in Australia, with the help of the Supreme Leader Emu’s superior video production skills. She is excited to return to EDUMUN for her third year as a Secretariat member! When Olivia is not working on something for MUN or procrastinating on her homework, she plays volleyball, teaches sailing, and competes in DECA. Olivia is excited to welcome all delegates to EDUMUN 2019 and hopes everyone enjoys the conference!

Portrait of Cody Fellinge

Cody Fellinge

USG of Delegate Affairs

Cody Fellinge is a junior at The Attic in Woodinville. He is excited to make his debut as a secretariat member, serving as your Under-Secretary-General of Delegate Affairs at EDUMUN 2019. His first conference was EDUMUN 2016, which he attended as an 8th grader. Cody has since been addicted to MUN - 10 placards and counting - and has been a delegate in all sorts of wild committees, one of which resulted in him being known simply as “BuzzFeed!” to this day. From bashing the U.S.S.R. to waiving his right to vote as Palestine, Cody loves MUN and hopes to share his love with all of you at EDUMUN 2019. He also hopes that you might learn a thing here or there too. He can’t wait to see all of the new faces and help so many new delegates enter the world of staying up late to get that position paper just right, convincing other people that they, in fact, are misrepresenting the views of their positions, and watching their lovely resolution get torn to shreds by the dais.

Portrait of Sanya Gupta

Sanya Gupta

Assistant Director-General

Sanya Gupta is a rising junior (though she has been called a freshman an innumerable amount of times) at Interlake High School in her second year of the wonderful IB program. After being peer pressured into attending EDUMUN 2017, Sanya was enthralled by the environment the club fostered and instantly dove into the metaphorically deep end of the MUN pool. She has since immersed herself into everything MUN from serving on her school’s secretariat to attending a multitude of conferences… she is everywhere. When she is not stressing herself and everyone around her with MUN, Sanya can be found dragging around her 100-pound bookbag (which her friends are convinced is heavier than she is), writing bios that are far too long, and staying at school for far too long. Some of her favorite activities include trying to lead her Science Olympiad team, avidly participating in far too many clubs, taking pictures of the sky from her Juliet balcony, and reading for longer than she probably should. Nevertheless, Sanya is beyond excited to serve as your Assistant Director-General for EDUMUN 2019 and cannot wait for the conference!

Portrait of Henry Stelle

Henry Stelle

USG of Technology

Henry Stelle is a junior at Bellarmine Preparatory School and is excited to be furthering the mission of Model UN as the USG of Technology for EDUMUN 2019. Reliably found within several feet of a computer, Henry is constantly getting confused by modern abbreviations. When he isn’t engrossed in his studies or obsessing over objectively insignificant projects, he is dedicating inordinate amounts of time to MUN, and EDUMUN’s website in particular. Having been first introduced to MUN in eighth grade, Henry is drawn to MUN because it encourages students to stand up and become leaders who both understand the importance of compromise and have a global mindset. In the rare moments in his life without computers, MUN, or homework, Henry enjoys working with the Bellarmine Drama department and taking portraits. But at the end of the day, there is inevitably at least one multi-tab MUN spreadsheet open on his computer. As a MUN-obsessed and sleepless secretariat member, Henry joyfully welcomes you to register for EDUMUN 2019 and take your next steps towards leadership.

Portrait of Spring Chenjp

Spring Chenjp

USG of Finance

Spring Chenjp is a junior at Tesla STEM High School and is delighted to serve as your USG of Finance. Drawing from her experience balancing Tesla STEM's Speech and Debate team's budget, she hopes to make EDUMUN run as smoothly as possible for the delegates, chaperones, and advisors it serves. Ever since her journey started as an 8th grader at KINGMUN 2017, she has become enthralled with Model United Nations for the diplomacy displayed in-committee, and the lifelong friends made along the way. You may have also seen her as the USG of United Nations Committees at KINGMUN 2019 and as the USG of Economic and Social Councils at PACMUN 2019. When not avidly participating in Model United Nations, Spring practices and teaches taekwondo, sings in her school choir, and hopes to pass her next calculus test. Spring has sincerely enjoyed her time serving on the Secretariat and hopes EDUMUN 2019 is the best experience it can be!


2018 Secretariat Collage


2017 Secretariat Collage


2016 Secretariat Collage

2019-2020 Media Interns

The MUN Northwest Media Internship is a year-round internship where interns create and design a variety of promotional/marketing materials and media for all of MUN Northwest’s conferences in the form of photography, videos, social media posts, and more. The MUN Northwest Media Internship is a unique opportunity for high schoolers to grow their skills through on-site and off-site long-term media projects.

The 2020-21 MUN Northwest Media Internship application will open in May 2020 and any questions can be directed to Katherine Holo, at

Portrait of Mo Shameer

Mo Shameer

Videography & Photography Intern

Mo Shameer is a senior at Interlake High School. Now in his second year as a part of PACMUN’s media team and first year as a MUN Northwest Intern, he’s determined to capture every special moment and memory during conferences. Mo has been practicing filmmaking and media work for last 4 years and what started as a hobby is now the makings of a career. He joined the media staff of PACMUN 2018 and to create a spectacular recap of the event. When he’s not covering an event or working on short films, he’s—well that’s he does. Maybe watching a movie or something. He’s more than excited to be working with MUN Northwest again and can’t wait to make something new this year!

Portrait of Isabelle Nurzhanov

Isabelle Nurzhanov

Graphic Design & Photography Intern

Isabelle Nurzhanov is a junior at The Center School who can usually be found scouting for the best cup of chai in Seattle. (It’s currently the one made at Sugar Bakery in Queen Anne). She began her MUN career only a year ago at PACMUN 2018, but has since fallen in love with the thrill of debate and diplomacy. At The Center School, she co-leads the Art Club and Racial Justice Alliance, and serves as the Junior Class Secretary. When she isn’t designing graphics and taking photos for MUN Northwest, Isabelle enjoys baking, drinking copious amounts of Earl Grey tea, watching pretentious indie movies, and trying to learn Russian so she can finally understand her extended family for once.

Portrait of Matthew Villalba-Mutis

Matthew Villalba-Mutis

Graphic Design & Photography Intern

Matthew Villalba-Mutis is a sophomore in the Cambridge Program at Juanita High School in Kirkland. After participating in the political cosplay of CELAC at PACMUN 2018, where the most memorable thing was Colombia moving to the moon and the entire South American continent disappearing from existence, he was hooked on the MUN experience and wanted more. When not making instagram stories or retaking staff members’ pictures for MUN, he likes to hike, do photography (@mateo_villam on IG), and play lots of tennis. He’s excited to be a MUN Northwest Media Intern and looks forward to creating excellent content across all the conferences!

Portrait of Bentley Eldrige

Bentley Eldrige

Videography & Photography Intern

Bentley Eldridge is a junior at Bainbridge High School. He fell victim to the MUN epidemic in freshman year and hasn’t questioned that decision since. Model UN “literally blew up” his life, since the various conferences he has attended vastly expanded his understanding of international politics, to the point of mental and spiritual enlightenment. The Great Flood of Knowledge, as he called the experience, then lead to an almost predestined opportunity to apply for the PACMUN Media Team. Right then and there, Bentley’s passions for MUN and cinematography merged into one frame. This would be his shot at redemption, having missed this opportunity many times in alternate universes. In his free time, Bentley enjoys boredom and the potential it holds. More often, however, you can find him rowing on the Bainbridge varsity rowing team, shooting music videos, and trying to break the norms of filmmaking. The excitement of this biography doesn’t stop here. To stay up to date with the chaos and cinematography in his life, follow @bentley.eldridge on Instagram.

MUN Northwest

EDUMUN is part of Model United Nations Northwest, a student-run organization that provides the resources for conferences and schools in the Pacific Northwest.

Each year, a unique Secretariat is selected to prepare for each individual conference; these dynamic teams of high school students work diligently year-round to craft a website, develop systems for registration, write committee background guides, search for grants and sponsors, promote conferences on social media, negotiate agreements with hotels in the downtown Seattle area, and much more. Each Secretariat is overseen by the MUN Northwest Board of Directors, made up of former Secretariat members, founding members, and experienced members of the MUN community in the Pacific Northwest.

You can learn more about Model United Nations Northwest on their website.





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